Living Room

The hardest part about moving into a fixer upper on closing day is not having a place to sit down and relax. The living room was sporting thirty year old wall to wall carpeting and even older peeling wallpaper. In addition to the peeling wallpaper there was old water damaged plaster on the ceiling. Though it was still a decent sized project, so far it has proven to be our easiest project (unfortunately!)

Here is what our living room looked like when we first moved in:


As mentioned on the homepage, I’m not a photographer and there’s pretty much always a child with me. Thankfully the little guy in the corner was not mobile so the ridiculous amount of random cords didn’t prove to be a safety hazard. They were just about the first thing to go though. Click here to see the transformation and methods used to paint over the wallpaper and plaster.

Our living room also spent time being our everything room, including our kitchen. Click here to see our first kitchen.

Holidays with chaos! This picture perfectly represents our lives at the moment.

Check back to see our final transformation once we complete decorating…which might be awhile considering we still have two other floors to rebuild!