Dining Room

The dining room is in the center of our first floor and in many homes this means a gathering place for meals, homework and fellowship. When we first moved in, it was our work room and was filled with tools. We finished up the living room and began the kitchen then decided it was time to tackle this center room. We started with thirty year old carpet, even older wallpaper and a ceiling that was partially crumbling.

20140929_233853 20141002_145414


At first we were going to just drywall over the ceiling but it was just too bad to salvage. Thankfully we had awesome friends willing to help knock down the plaster which is a HUGE mess. 20141004_145149

It was not our original plan to expose the brick, we had no idea what type of condition it was in. When we cut the wall for the bar we saw this peeking out and decided to take a risk.


We did a combo of drywall, sealing and painting over wall paper like we did in the living room, and exposing brick. While the ceiling was exposed we opted to put in recessed lighting and run wires for a ceiling fan.  Scaffolding made the job much easier, it is great to have contractors in the family! We used Thompsons sealant over the brick wall and brick chimney.




We added crown molding for style and to cover the uneven spaces between the wall and the ceiling. We still need to organize, fully furnish and finish up some details but we have made a ton of progress!


The table was made from almost century old ceiling beams from the kitchen and third floor demo debris.