From Trash To Storage

Ed is always on the look out for things that can be repurposed. From turning old wooden gates into pot racks, to finally getting us a kitchen cart, he seems to be able to repurpose just about anything.

When I can locate a before picture, I’ll be sure to add it but for now here’s the finished product of our kitchen cart. cart

He added new hardware and a dark coat of stain. With a large family the kitchen can easily get overstocked with little room left for pans and dishes. In addition to the pot rack this provides us with a lot more storage for the kitchen.

Another issue we have is storing paper work, staying organized and not losing mail. We don’t currently have office space, we don’t even have a filing cabinet. With this many people, being self-employed and keeping up with regular mail can be overwhelming.

We’ve done our best to try and stay organize, though we do regularly lose mail….

The picture below shows our make attempt at organizing.

cart n file