Living In Limbo – Remodeling While Living

One of the hardest things about living in a home while remodeling is just that, living. Having to sleep, letting kids play and going about work is very challenging when half your house is a house and the other half is a construction zone.

It is as if our house is split in two. Half wonderful, half a nightmare. This picture pretty much sums up life right now. house splitHalf of our house is beautiful (and very lived in!) The other half is torn to the studs. The picture on the right is the back bedroom on the second floor and Ed sits on the third floor, all torn down to the studs. All needing new electric, framing, drywall and even stairs.

The kids, fortunately, play well despite being crammed into a small living space. The irony, we left our three bedroom home because we were outgrowing it…we’re currently living in what amounts to a one bedroom home. We survived the first half of this remodel and I trust we’ll survive the second half – I can’t wait to be finished!