A Little Decorating and Organization

We haven’t gotten a whole lot of decorating done – actually having functioning rooms has become more of a priority. Considering where the living room started though, we’ve made significant progress.

The large windows needed long curtains. We wanted ones that let in light but also afforded us privacy. While I love that the kids have lots of neighborhood friends that hang out on the porch, I still enjoy a bit of privacy.

curtainscurtains 2As you can see by the photos, we really need to work on the lighting. The living room is the only room with an original ceiling which meant it didn’t get any overhead lighting. We’ve been looking into lamps, hanging lights and additional floor lamps but we’ve yet to find the right one. For now we deal with the sub par lighting which compared to the other house issues isn’t a problem at all.

Unlike the lighting, the lack of storage in this old home is a challenge. While we try to be a bit minimalist, it’s difficult with a family of six to be true minimalist.

cabinetWe are a no shoes in the house type of family. I’m for it to make it easier to keep the house clean, and Ed’s for it out of habit – it’s how he grew up. Regardless of why we do it, the challenge becomes finding a place to keep all the slipped off shoes, slippers and flip flops. In our old home we used our nice sized closet. Here, there are no closets. We used baskets for a while, but that got unsightly – and even smelly!

We found an inexpensive accent cabinet at Target it its been a wonderful find for our shoes!

The other trouble is finding a place for toys. In our old home we were just in a ranch so our boys just kept their toys in their room. We left a basket or two in the living room, but generally it was a toy free space when they weren’t playing. With multiple floors and no children’s bedroom we really have no choice but to have toys in the living room. I’m not opposed to toys in a living room, after all it is the kids’ living space too, its just the lack of storage.

shelfThere isn’t room for a storage unit, there aren’t any closets so we’ve tried to make due with whats already there. There is a small built in shelf that we use for a few books and infant toys. The rest of the toys are sort of shoved to the side by the TV so it isn’t visible upon entering the home.

While we don’t aim to be clean freaks, with this many people in such a small space organization and cleanliness seem to be necessary to save the little bit of sanity that we do have. I do hope to possibly get a door to turn the shelving unit into a little cabinet, but for now it gets the job done.

Perhaps my favorite part of this picture is that it shows a normal living space. What it doesn’t show though, is the daybed hidden behind the wall to the left. A makeshift sleeping space while we wait to finally have more than one bedroom….