Christmas Trees and Christmas Saws?

The hardest thing about living in a home during remodeling is life needs to go on. Homework, birthday parties, sports practice and holidays do not stop while you tear down and rebuild. Certainly some activities are skipped and invitations declined, but in thirty years the boys won’t remember picking paint colors as fondly as they’ll recall going to a Christmas light show.

We wanted to really enjoy the holiday season, celebrate it and be thankful for the real reason for the season. I had visions of going as a family to pick and cut down a tree, but four little ones and a chaotic house sometimes means choosing practicality.  Oh, and of course the need to stay within the budget. Every dollar spent on other things is one less dollar going towards completing the rebuilding. Budgeting during this is a delicate balance of getting the house done while still experiencing some normal life.

We found a Black Friday deal on a pre-light tree at Lowes. No Norman Rockwell style family adventure. Though anyone with kids knows there’s no perfect outing regardless of location. Hopefully the boys remember our impromptu stop at a gourmet donut shop and not the toddler emergency potty incident involving a bottle in the car… Life with boys is never dull!

The layout of our old home only allowed for a small tabletop tree. This meant we did not have enough ornaments. Due to the character and architecture of our house I wanted classic style ornaments.  Not being able to justify spending a lot on ornaments, I bought ribbon and hooks and made simple bows. I might be the least artistically talented person so while not an impressive task I was still very pleased with how it turned out.

This picture perfectly illustrates our lives at the moment.  The Christmas tree showing an attempt to live life and the saw showing the state of our house.