From Holding Up The Roof To Holding Our Dinner

What do you do when you want a classic wood table for a big family but it isn’t in the budget? You build it! With all of the demo work going on we had lots of extra wood pieces just laying around. Not only does it cost money to dispose of debris it also seems unwise to get rid of good solid wood. When the kitchen ceiling was raised there were a lot of beams left over and there were also some beams from the third floor demo. Ed’s creative nature saw this as a future table:


He cleaned up the wood and used a biscuit joiner to put the pieces together. Once the table top was secure and put together he used a belt sander to prepare it for staining.


He used Minwax espresso stain to match the bar and used polyurethane for a top coat (not pictured). One side of the table was secured to the brick wall. The other side is supported by a leg also made from the beams.


We were given old pub style chairs that need to be re-stained. Will share an update whenever we get around to finishing them. The table very comfortably seats six, but with some closeness there is room for eight or nine.