Our First Kitchen

Moving into a house that needs to be essentially rebuilt is difficult, to say the least. Not only did we need new cabinets and flooring, but we had to repair ceiling beams, walls and plumbing. Those things take time, nearly eight weeks to be exact, not that I was counting…

What did we do in the mean time? At first we used a lot of take out but quickly realized it was cutting into our kitchen budget which turned out to need every penny and then some. We slowly built our first kitchen…and it was in the living room. Ideal? Definitely not, but it helped to keep take out costs down and provide just a slight sense of normalcy. Cooking for a family of six with just a microwave, mini fridge and crock-pot wasn’t easy but we did survive!


This living room really became just that, a room full of living. With the rest of the first floor tarped off this room became the laundry sorting room, play room, kitchen and office. My work packages and books were nestled under a folding table, my kitchen sat on top and my children played a couple feet away. I’m very thankful this is no longer my kitchen!


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