First Things First, Where Do We Sit?

The biggest challenge of this house versus our old house is we had to move in the day we closed.  With our old home we had two weeks from closing until the lease was up for our apartment. Thanks to Ed’s late nights, and even an all nighter, the major things were knocked out before we moved into that home. This time closing was not finished until about four in the afternoon so much of the day was spent dealing with paper work rather than settling. We knew it was a huge project but furniture hides a ton! The first three days were HARD, we had no where to just sit. Our furniture was moved to the garage so we had the space to work. This was our living room the day we moved in:


Peeling wallpaper and thirty year old carpet made for a less than relaxing environment. See the blanket? That was the only spot to sit.

When Ed said he was going to paint over the wallpaper I was worried my normally thorough husband was looking for a shortcut.  After some research we found a thorough technique to safely paint without needing to remove the wallpaper. Removing wallpaper from a plaster wall is not just time consuming, it poses the risk of crumbling plaster accompanying the wallpaper. This is the technique we used:

He also spackled and patched the ceiling.  It took about two days to prep the room. First spackle, sand and culk, and then priming. We chose Behr paint and primer in one and avoided semi-gloss which can draw more attention to flaws. It took another two days to paint and pull up the carpet. With four kids, work and everyday activities our timelines rarely go as planned.  Desperate times call for desperate measures, like wearing your four month old while painting.


Once the painting was complete we were able to rip up the carpet. It can be tedious to make sure every staple is removed.  We used a shop vac with the flat attachment to get strong suction to get dust out from between the boards of the hardwood floor. Finally we used Murphy’s oil soap to clean. Aside from a few spots the floors are in great shape. Eventually we will refinish,  but for now they’re great.



We have since hung curtains and added more furniture.  Currently, though, this room is also functioning as our dining and kitchen rooms so updated pictures will have to wait. The house still feels overwhelming at times but now we are able to sit and relax for a moment.


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